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Office of Unified Communications

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OUC in Pictures

National 3-1-1 Day

National 3-1-1 Day is a way to recognize the essential services provided by the District’s 24/7 operation, who, last year handled 2.1 million calls. DC311 delivers a one-stop service experience for residents and visitors searching for city services and information and was critical to supporting the city’s pandemic response. 


3-1-1 Day (2022)


OUC in the Community

The Office of Unified Communications (OUC) provides critical public safety services to residents and visitors of the nation’s capital. Because we serve as the city’s communications lifeline, it is mission-critical that we offer opportunities for our customers to learn about the many services that we provide.


OUC in the Community


APCO 85th Annual Conference & Expo

During APCO's 85th Annual Conference & Expo, the Office of Unified Communications debuted THOR, Tactical Homeland Operations Response, Washington, D.C.'s mobile 911 command center.

The two-story, 80-foot long mobile communications command center is designed to help public safety answering points (PSAPs) maintain operations when their call centers are down or overwhelmed by traffic in crisis situations such as a site evacuation, power outage, or a regional mass casualty event. The Office of Unified Communications (OUC) acquired T.H.O.R. in 2017 for use during exercises, special events, and other activities as needed. T.H.O.R. serves as the OUC’s tertiary site.


APCO 85th Annual Conference & Expo