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Text to 911

911 CALL if you can TEXT if you can't

In an emergency, a voice call to 911 is preferred. However, for those instances when you’re unable to call, you can now send a text to 911. Again, residents should continue to call 911 when possible. 

Text to 911 is intended for use in 3 emergency scenarios

  • If a person is the victim of a crime and the perpetrator is still in the area, such as an assault, robbery, or a domestic violence incident.
  • For someone who is deaf, hard of hearing, or has a speech disability and needs to reach 911.
  • In situations where a person has sustained an injury that prevents him/her from speaking.

  1. Requires a text-enabled/capable cellular phone.
  2. Location Services must be turned on.
  3. Text messages only. No Photos.
  4. Text messages must be brief and easily understood.
  5. Use Plain English. NO abbreviations, shortcuts, or slang.
  6. Voice calls are preferred. Text only when you can’t call.

How do I use Text to 911?

  • When initiating the emergency text, do not use dashes when entering 911 into the "To" field.
  • Be brief with your initial contact. (“help”, help needed”)
  • Provide the location and nature of your emergency and wait to be prompted for further information and/or instructions.

If I am not comfortable speaking English can I text in my native language? 

Currently, this service is only available for text in the English language.