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OUC Training and Development

The Office of Professional Standards and Development (OPSD)

OUC’s Office of Professional Standards and Development has three core missions supported by three distinct units: training, quality assurance and transcription. The OPSD team is responsible for the following business activities:

  • New hire training and continuing education
  • Quality assurance, quality improvement
  • Providing audio files and other data to partnering, local, and federal government agencies, as well as the general public

Training Unit

OPSD has a dynamic team of training specialists whose primary role is to research, develop, and revise training and class instructional materials. Built upon the standards of the agency, these materials facilitate all new hire, remedial, and continuing education training. It is through this training that OPSD ensures that OUC employees have the confidence to know what is expected of them, and to provide legendary service to each customer.

Quality Assurance Unit

The quality assurance unit’s primary role is to assess and review OUC operations members’ performance and provide quality improvement feedback to reinforce good habits and correct others before they become a problem. By looking at trends in quality assurance reviews, the quality assurance team can identify any areas of opportunity where training and development can be best leveraged to ensure OUC is providing exceptional service each time.

Transcription Unit

The transcription unit serves as the custodian of records specializing in researching files relating to all 911 and 311 communications. The transcriptionist's primary role is to provide audio files and other data to partnering, local, and federal government agencies, as well as the general public. The transcription members are often called to testify in court on behalf of OUC to authenticate 911 calls and/or explain event chronologies in both criminal & civil proceedings under direct examination by the Office of Attorney General (OAG), United States Attorney Office (AUSAO), and the Public Defender Services (PDS).

The Implementation of the Office of Professional Standards and Development division has been vital in formalizing training and instituting a culture where quality assurance is pivotal at OUC.